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Doctor Who Doctor Whooooos!

They are back, with a new vinyl owl toy base (the previous year’s version was discontinued, so I had to get a new owl toy)

Each one is sculpted and carved with sculpey over a blank vinyl owl toy, then painted with acrylics, then varnished. 

Their heads move 360 degrees, and each one is about 6-8 inches tall (depending on the hair). 

These are also on my Etsy if you’d like your own! 

My Little Gypsy Danger!

This little pony is going to cancel the apocalypse. 

Made with sculpey and acrylics over a my little pony toy.

Baby Groot toy!

Handmade from sculpey, painted with acrylics and coated in a durable varnish. He is planted in a small flower pot with some pretty stones. 

Standing (dancing) at about 7” tall and 5” wide (depending on arm length).

These aren’t for sale, sadly. 

For everyone who liked my baby Groot toys, I made a time lapse video of me making them! 

Made with sculpey, painted with acrylics, and placed into a small flowerpot with pretty little stones. 

Sped up from about 2 hours work. 


Ravenstag Raffy! The cutest wendigo to ever haunt you. 

Made with Sculpey and acrylics over a KidRobot mini Raffy. His head moves 360 degrees so he can always watch you from the shadows. 

He’s also on my deviantart: 

This little guy has been going around online lately uncredited, so I’m reposting this so hopefully that will stop happening :o

Flukeman toy! 

Because he is my favorite. 

About 4” tall, made from sculpey

New critters restocked in my Etsy shop! Check them out!

Little Thorin Oakensheild Munny!

His arms and head move around. Made as a present for a friend. 

Sculpey and acrylics over a mini Munny toy. 

Also on my Deviantart

Rare, endangered, and extinct animal toys! They’re on my Etsy and will be debuting at Katsucon this weekend!

Row 1: Susu dolphin, pink fairly armadillo, and rockhopper penguin

Row 2: Dodo, thylacine, black moor

Row 3: Panda moor, tancho, oranda 

Row 4: Azuma nishiki, giant isopod, megalodon shark teeth

Row 5: Camel spider, argiope spider, peacock spider

Unusual, endangered and extinct animal series!

New toys to debut at Katsucon this weekend!

From top; Pink fairy armadillo, Dodo, Giant isopod, Susu dolphin, Peacock spider, Camel spider, Argiope spider, Rockhopper penguin, Thylacine, Megalodon shark tooth

Also on my Etsy!

Fancy Goldfish toys now on my Etsy!

(from top: tancho, azuma nishiki, oranda, black moor, panda moor)

My Little Witch King! 

His spooky spectral head moves 360 degrees, so he can look for you in any direction you’re hiding in. 
Made with Sculpey, acrylics, and a my little pony toy. 

Yeti Crab toys/ornaments! 

These furry denizens of the deep sea will love to hang out with you with their super soft arms

Each one is about the size of a large plastic easter egg. 

They’re now on my etsy! 

Knifehead sculpt! 

Made with sculpey and painted with acrylics. About 8 inches tall. :>

also on my deviantart

Halloween Daleks!

About 2 inches tall, they will exterminate any extra candy you leave near them. made from sculpey and covered in some varnish for durability. 

I just put them up on my Etsy.